Welcome to Strasburg Borough,
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania!




Water/Sewer bills for the third quarter were mailed out October 4, 2019. 

Payment was due Nov. 7, 2019, late fees have now been applied to over due accounts.

For your convenience we now offer online payment options.

If you have any questions, please contact us at the Borough Office, 717-687-7732.

Reminder: Bills for residential rental units in the Borough are sent to the property owner of record, rather than to the tenant. 
It is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure that the bill is paid in full, on time, to the Strasburg Borough Authority. 



  Census 2020 is almost here!  


Get informed with the information below, including job opportunities.


2020 Census Briefing Presentation

2020 Census Job Opportunities




…speaking of Sewers and Money

 In 2017 the Strasburg Borough Authority began a project of improvements to the sewer system. The major portion of the project consisted of lining critical areas of the sewer lines and manholes.  The intent of the project was to prevent pipe failures and to greatly reduce the infiltration of ground water.  The project is more fully described in the Borough’s 2017 Newsletter. Although the project took considerably longer than originally expected, it is now complete except for paying its costs.

The sewer improvement project was financed by a $ 2.77M, 30-year bond issue. That incurs annual debt service payments for the term of the issue.  When budget projections were done for 2018 – 2023, it was clear that without additional revenue, the Sewer Fund would rapidly become insolvent.  The Authority analyzed several ways in which rates could be increased to avoid annual balances too low to deal with small emergencies.  At that time the best solution was based on an annual 8% rate increase each year from 2018 – 2023, and that plan has been followed.

The Authority has enacted an 8% increase that begins with the fourth quarter of 2019. Only the sewer rates will be going up by that amount.  However, the Authority will closely monitor actual fiscal circumstances as they develop and will keep any future increases to a necessary minimum dictated by revenue and costs.


Toys for Tots 2019 Campaign is underway!

Please consider donating a new toy at one of Strasburg’s 7 donation sites.  They include; Strasburg Borough Office/PD, Fireside Tavern, HodgePodge, Holiday Inn Express, Strasburg Dental, Strasburg-Heisler Library, & Sunshine Corner’s.

Did you know that since 1947 Toys for Tots has helped more than 258 million children!

Let’s continue helping the children in our community and donate!

Visit the Lancaster Toys for Tots site for more information including alternate donation sites and ways to donate.



Never heard of it, right?

Bill No. 607 would allow ALL PA municipal police, not just PA state police, to utilize radar for speed enforcement. 

At the current time Pennsylvania’s municipal police are the only law enforcement officials in the country not allowed to use this tool. 

Please take a 2 minutes out of your day to watch this video and see why this bill could make Strasburg a safer place and save lives!

Back OUR Blue, who work 24/7, 365, to keep Strasburg safe! 




The spotted lanternfly is a new invasive insect from Asia. 

It is a threat to all trees, including fruit and grape vines.

Lancaster County is included in the quarantine area. 

To report a sighting or learn more information about the spotted lanternfly please click on the picture above.



Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority has some NEW guidelines
about what we should be putting into our recycling bins.

Click below to learn more about recycling right!


Join the Strasburg Borough Police Department’s Crimewatch sight.

Just click the picture above and subscribe!


Outdated medications cluttering up your cabinets??

The Strasburg Borough Police Department is a permanent drop off location to help residents

dispose of expired or unwanted medications in a safe and secure manner.

You may bring your unwanted items to the Strasburg Borough Office, Mon-Fri. 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

For information about what may or may NOT be dropped off click the picture above.


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