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The Strasburg Borough Authority provides public water to all of Strasburg Borough.  The original water system for Strasburg Borough was constructed in 1896 and consisted of a water source known as the “old springs” which are located along the Strasburg-Paradise Township line southeast of the Borough.  The original distribution lines within the Borough were gradually extended in the years following construction of the original system. In addition, a second water source was added which is known as the “new springs.” In 1956, a water storage reservoir and a 12-inch transmission line were constructed to the system to meet the growing demands of the Borough.  Line extensions have continued to this day which have required the Borough to add additional springs and wells to meet the demand for water.

Public sewage disposal is offered to Strasburg Borough from the Suburban Lancaster Sewer Authority (SLSA) via the Strasburg Borough Authority, which meters and bills its customers in Strasburg Borough.  SLSA currently provides service to portions of Lancaster, Pequea and West Lampeter Townships and to Strasburg Borough.

All checks in payment of water and sewer charges should be made payable to the STRASBURG BOROUGH AUTHORITY


SLSA, Mill Creek Pumping Station



      Think that little drip can’t be costing you much…

think again!

Drips and leaks can add up fast when it comes to your water & sewer bill!

Avoid unnecessary usage by taking a few minutes to inspect your homes faucets, pipes, hoses, & toilets for leaks.

Check out this drip calculator to see how much water it really adds up to.  For other tips for finding leaks see our water and sewer page.



…speaking of Sewers and Money

 In 2017 the Strasburg Borough Authority began a project of improvements to the sewer system. The major portion of the project consisted of lining critical areas of the sewer lines and manholes.  The intent of the project was to prevent pipe failures and to greatly reduce the infiltration of ground water.  The project is more fully described in the Borough’s 2017 Newsletter. Although the project took considerably longer than originally expected, it is now complete except for paying its costs.

The sewer improvement project was financed by a $ 2.77M, 30-year bond issue. That incurs annual debt service payments for the term of the issue.  When budget projections were done for 2018 – 2023, it was clear that without additional revenue, the Sewer Fund would rapidly become insolvent.  The Authority analyzed several ways in which rates could be increased to avoid annual balances too low to deal with small emergencies.  At that time the best solution was based on an annual 8% rate increase each year from 2018 – 2023, and that plan has been followed.

The Authority has enacted an 8% increase that begins with the fourth quarter of 2019. Only the sewer rates will be going up by that amount.  However, the Authority will closely monitor actual fiscal circumstances as they develop and will keep any future increases to a necessary minimum dictated by revenue and costs.


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