Borough of Strasburg

Preservation and Progress

Thank You Public Works Department!

Please join us in saying a big THANK YOU to the Strasburg Borough Public Works Department for all they do for our community! 

They are, often unmentioned, essential workers who keep our community running strong all year long by maintaining our streets, water and sewer systems, and many other tasks that most of us don’t even think of because they are doing their job, and doing it well.

Remember them during snowstorms like these because while you may be at home dealing with snow removal from your own property, they are out keeping our streets as clear as possible so they are able to be traveled by emergency crews and other essential workers who have to work during inclement weather.  Please consider staying home and using off street parking if possible.  This allows for the streets to be free of traffic making clearing them that much easier, quicker, and safer.  If you do have to travel during a storm be patient if you are behind a plow truck, it is safer to be behind it than in front of it.  If you feel that your street has been forgotten or it has been a while since you have seen a plow truck know that they are out and will be there as soon as they are able.  There are assigned routes used for clearing streets so it takes time for a plow truck to make a full cycle through their assigned route.  Plus there is always the chance of unexpected equipment breakdowns, and they do need to take breaks too!   

Please be safe during this and any future storms.  Stay home and enjoy time with your family if you are able.  And if you are out and see a Public Works employee give them a wave or say thank you to show your appreciation!