Borough of Strasburg

Preservation and Progress

Real Estate Taxes

Real estate taxes are based on the current assessed value of your property multiplied by the current millage rate.

The Borough’s millage rate for 2022 is 3.03

For example, if the assessed value of your property is $185,000, your annual Borough real estate taxes would be $560.55. The millage rate is determined by the Borough Council and adopted by Ordinance as part of the Borough’s budget by December 31st of each year. Your tax dollars help support 24-hour a day police services/safety protection, public works department services, parks/recreation, and general operating expenses.

Strasburg Borough real estate tax bills are mailed at the end of February each year. A 2% discount is offered during the months of February, March and April; the base period includes the months of May and June; and a 10% penalty applies for payments received after June 30th. The real estate taxing period is based on the current calendar year (January to December). Taxes are due by January 6th of the following year and unpaid current-year taxes are turned over to the Lancaster County Tax Claims Bureau on January 10th. If your taxes are paid by your mortgage company, it is your responsibility to forward your tax notice to your mortgage company.

Tax Certifications:

Strasburg Borough requires a $20.00 fee for tax certifications, made payable to Strasburg Borough.  Please e-mail your tax certification request along with a copy of the payment that is being mailed to or fax it to 717-687-6599.

Strasburg Borough Tax Collector
145 Precision Avenue, Strasburg PA 17579
Phone: (717) 687-7732
Fax: (717) 687-6599

Questions concerning the Lampeter-Strasburg School District taxes should be directed to the Lampeter-Strasburg School District.