Borough of Strasburg

Preservation and Progress

Boards and Commissions

Borough Council
Michael Chiodo, President
Raymond Garraffa, Vice President
James Rice, Pro Tem
Robert Bennethum
David Dunn
Will Hutchinson
H. Dale Spaulding

Bruce L. Ryder, Mayor

Borough Authority
Harold Wiker, Chair
Ken Johnson, Vice Chair
Ray Reeder, Treasurer
Raymond Garraffa
Will Mullin

Historic Board of Review
Tom Lainhoff, Chair
Len Ferber, Vice Chair
Beth Gunnion
H. Dale Kaufman
Chris Lainhoff
David Measel
Steve VanOrmer

Shade Tree Committee
Brad Botchlet, Chair
Gil Pratt, Vice Chair
Mary Dresser
H. Dale Kaufman
Curt Reynolds

Planning Commission
Ken Johnson, Chair
Bob Marshall, Vice Chair
Dominick Di Bella
Mary Dresser
Shelby Nauman

Zoning Hearing Board
John Imhof, Chair
Keith Kauffman, Vice Chair
Ryan Hair
Bob Ham
Maureen Wagner
Shane Kuhns, Alternate

Civil Service Commission
Raymond Garraffa, Chair
Clarence G. Lefever, Vice Chair
Jeff See, Secretary